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I started a kitchen in October 2015 with the Victoria Ivory cabinets from Cabinets to Go (CTB). From the onset, there was an issue beginning with the installation of the first anchor cabinet, which was damaged.

This delayed my install more than 2 weeks. I am waiting on I think the 6th set of replacement doors (so many I'm losing count) and it is now October 2016. The last order for doors was made in June 2016 & I did not get them until Sept. Of the 24+ doors I still need, more than 1/2 were damaged, which was witnessed by the store manager who even said the doors were unacceptable.

I would caution anyone about buying these cabinets or any similar made like them. There is a production issue with the seams on the doors. The joints separate in the 4 corners where they are assembled. Furthermore, many of the doors had cracked, chipped paint, were dented and simply damaged.

The only thing CTG has done to this point is to keep shipping doors. When I picked up the 3rd set of doors at the warehouse near my home, the person there unwrapped each one before handing to it to me. Of the 23-24 sent, less than half were acceptable and even he said "no" before even handing them to me as he was inspecting them. At one point, I had returned damaged doors to the warehouse & the order of replacement doors included the same doors I returned with more damage.

(I marked the doors & had photos, which is how I knew CTG gave me back the same exact damaged doors.) I am very disappointed. This company promotes itself as a quality product for less, & while the cabinets are easy to assemble, unfortunately they are not what I based my purchasing decision on on.These issues were NOT evident in the showroom cabinets. If you buy cabinets from CTG, CHECK THEM OVER CAREFULLY. Be prepared to spend a lot of your own time rectifying the problem.

For example, before the last order of doors, I was asked to send pictures of all the damage. This took several hours of my time as I had to take more than 200 photos of the damages. I've also had to document and video every order received. The one saving grace thus far is that the customer service person I have been dealing with is very nice and patient.

Still waiting for CTG to do the right thing.

Simply continuing to ship doors is not acceptable, especially when they are still damaged. The photos I'm sharing are just a few examples of the issues I'm consistently having with these doors.

Product or Service Mentioned: B Jorgsen And Co Victoria Ivory Cabinet.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

I liked: Ease of installing, Michelle in customer service, No charge for kitchen layout design.

I didn't like: Delivery time, Poor quality, Shoddy construction.

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Man I gotta tell you, I was finishing up the crown molding on our Kensington mist and googling for some pictures and ran across this.

But I can't see anything in those photos. Maybe the 1st one I see something, everything is blurry.

The others are correct, finished wood door joints will eventually separate somewhat if humidity is varied, those pics are kinda blurry and don't look like separation due to humidity or stress but just look like natural artifact of the construction as the paint looks intact.

I think the 3/1000th's of an inch guy is correct. is the paint split or not? if it is it's due to humidity changes, maybe in your home or warehouses boats from china I dunno. If the paint is intact then it's manufacturing.

I suppose I may notice something like this on ours heck I dunno I'd get a headache looking so closely.

Maybe if the pictures you posted were clearer but it does seem (from some of the pictures) like you're expecting a non natural product such as a melamine or thermofoil finish as those are extremely zoomed in.

It's an imperfect product by nature. Now scratches and dents, etc from handling are another thing, I had a few doors replaced as well even a couple of frames. I assembled, installed myself and yeah I suppose if I looked expecting a manmade product I could find a pin size thing here and there, seems crazy. You can expect though some slight pinhead marks here and there I'm sure, it's wood.

That wood get's milled, shaped, then ran through various machine sanders for mass production then finished.

But they are not high dollar cabinets, they do seem very good for the money...but don't fool yourself that these are high dollar, they are RTA cabinets out of china, but again and I hate to say it as I've built cabinets before, they a great value for the cost and should hold up fine. I'm 150% satisfied, and our CTG was very responsive for the very few items we replaced. No hassle at all. HQ always called, shipping called, they were all awesome.

And point blank, I know they are Chinese cabinets, and sold by many brands as well I'm sure, and until they were received I was expecting the worst but I'm shocked how satisfied I am with the outcome. I did do a few things to make it better, helps if you wood glue the cabs, then a few of the outside corner cabinets have a bit of slop here and there but nothing major that a real installer or handy person couldn't re-enforce, the 1/2 inch ply will bend and warp, it's 1/2 biggie you put shims between cabs and screws in each side and this pulls them fair. But I'm going to back up the other anon guy here, it seems to me also that you need to be thinking something man made as your expectations seem unrealistic for a natural product. I also don't think he represents anyone as what he's talking about is common knowledge in wood working ,etc circles.

But to be fair I don't think that's you personally, I just think it's a lack of knowledge. But again we're basing this on some pretty darn zoomed in blurry pics.


According to most manufacturer's specifications, a gap of up to 3/1000th's of an inch is an acceptable tolerance for a door joint. I do not see what it is about these doors that makes you deem them as unacceptable because none of the pics would make me think there is a gap any greater than that.

Wood cabinets are a "natural" product and come with inherent characteristics so if you expect perfection, please do everyone a favor and order a kitchen with those European "plastic" doors next time instead of killing trees trying to appease your unrealistic expectations.

That having been said; I do not represent Cabinets to Go or B.

Jorgsen & Co. I do however have 20 years of experience in the kitchen and bath manufacturing industry dealing with these kinds of quality issues.

to Anonymous #1291268

These doors have multiple issues that extend beyond the gapped joints (e.g., cracked paint, dents, chips, broken, split, wrong size, etc.). I have more than 200 photos that CTG required me to take to back up my claim plus multiple wotnesses, including a master carpenter.

While I appreciate your stated expertise, unless you have witnessed the issues you should not pass judgment. This is not about a desire for perfection, it is about getting what I paid for based on what was displayed in a showroom. And, while it states you are not part if the company, your words are very familiar.

I should also add that more than one CTG employee, including store managers, would not accept many of these doors in their homes, so why should I. Enjoy your day!

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