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Back on 8/5/17 we went to the New Orleans Cabinets To Go store to puchase new kitchen cabinets. All but one cabinet came in when the order was placed.

One cabinet came damaged we had to go thur customer care to get replacement parts. Because they sent the wrong part twice it took almost two weeks to get that cabinet up which delayed us. As of todays date 11/2/17 we still don't have the missing cabinet. Nobody seems to know were the *** the cabinet is or when it will show up.

Customer care is nothing more than a dam waist of time they can't help you or send you to anyone that can. Save yourself the bull *** and time off your life and just go to Home Depot or Lowes you might pay more bur you will get a whole lot more in terms of customer service

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Responses listed are not from official company representatives. I encourage you to reach out to me at brian.pullin@cabinetstogo.com with contact and specific order info and I will research and solve this for you.

We apologize for any issues caused and I promise to work with you to get the matter resolved.

Understood you are not happy and I'm more than willing to help if normal channels did not deliver results. Obviously there is more to this and I'm happy to help.

Brian Pullin

to Anonymous #1408503

Ok Brian I'm about to do just that cause all I want is a resolution so me and Cabinets To Go can part company I will never ever shop their again but at least I can finally say you all took care of the problem

to Anonymous #1414716

Brian I did not reach out to you because Shawn finally called back and issued a credit to help cover all the problems we had with this now we can part company unfortunately not as friends but part company as well. This has truly been notching short of a nightmare I can truly say without a shadow of a doubt that I will never shop Cabinets to Go again ever and will make sure none of my family and friends have this experence. The one good side to your company is that the product is worth what you pay but the customer service needs serious improvement and National Customer Don't Care need to be gone all together


I purchased cabinets from Cabinet to Go in Houston very friendly service, received cabinets in one week, but some of the cabinets where warp, holes for the clips on the wrong place, locks in the wrong place. also additional parts where order without my knowledge.

I called customer service to replace warps parts and they could not tell me how long it would take to received the replacement parts, also requested instructions on how to put together the oven cabinet they told me to get with my contractor and that the sales person should have given the instructions. I called the sales person and could not get a call back, after informing that I would call corporate office, the very pleasant sales person turn into a very defensive sales person, who also make a mistake in the measurements and did not have time to help resolve the issue, and has not responded when I requested assembly instructions for oven cabinet. I email the company also requested on face book the instructions but have not received them.

It seems that they focus on sales and after the purchased is made they do not have time for the customer since you have already made the purchased. The customer service department has the same attitude .


Either you can't read or you just don't know you can believe what you want . I have called him 8 times already on this matter and left several messages and have only been called back three times.

I don't attack people I respond to people attacking me. And how can it be my fault that Cabinets To Go can't get their stuff together.

As of today 11/19/17 I still don't have my cabinet but that's my fault ye right. My fault for go to these incompetent people in the first place



to Anonymous #1392929

*** well I the *** still don't have that dam cabinet. And I have called Customer don't care over 50 dam times since my original order was placed back on August 5, 2017. Don t post *** and hide I'll have a dam response every time

to Anonymous #1425178

Your statement is not accurate. They do not have replacements for my missing and broken parts. I was told by customer service that they are are on back order and they have no time frame as to when they will receive them or be able to ship them to me.


the problem is the same over and over again, i was thinking to buy from them but now i feel uneasy about it. . .

to Anonymous #1388109

Trust me sabe yourself the time and headache and go to Home Depot or Lowes I wish I would have

to Anonymous #1392064

you should buy from them, they are under a completely new staff and that guy is lying. they treat all their customers with respect and fix any issues in record timing with the best prices

to Anonymous #1393108

You must work for this sad *** company if that is true tell me were my dam cabinet at cause it sure ant on my wall what I got lie about I'll post the distrust manager name and cell number and you can call him yourself and ask him were my dam cabinet at

to dc12254 #1393242

youre attacking people via the internet. i dont believe a word youre saying, if you has the dm's #, why havent you called him yourself? cc solves all problems unless its YOUR fault

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